How Much Time Does Hiring REALLY Take?

As a manager, it can be easy for too many tasks to become your responsibility. We’re here to discuss one aspect that most leaders don’t love: the hiring process. Recently, some trends in hiring have impacted the way you may manage your staff. Glassdoor’s research team shows that the average interview process takes about 23 days in the United States, but this varies widely by industry. This study also indicates the interview process is longer than it has been in the past. We’re here to talk about how long your process should take, and why.

What’s Taking So Long?

As a manager, you may feel like time is slipping away when you just need a role filled. It can be incredibly frustrating to struggle with productivity while you’re trying to hire a new professional. Here are some of the top ways a hiring process can drag on:

  • Phone interviews: They can add a full week to your hiring process. Phone screens help you get preliminary information, but they take up valuable time.
  • Presentations: Some professions will request a demonstration to evaluate a candidate’s potential, but this can add several days to your process as well.

But How Do I Still Find Quality Workers?

To reduce the time your hiring process takes while maintaining the integrity of your search, focus on ways to find talent that aren’t time wasters. Instead of spending over a week on phone interviews, spend two days distributing and evaluating an IQ test or StrengthsQuest analysis. A quick quiz will give you a good idea of the abilities of your candidates, without wasting too much time.

Planning Ahead

Maximizing your team’s potential starts with having an organized front. There’s never a time to “start” the hiring process. You should always be hiring. Constantly recruiting will ensure you give yourself the best odds at finding the right fit for a position. Sticking with the plan will help you make faster decisions when it comes to adding a staff member to the team. Make sure you’ve got one person in charge of hiring for the company to keep the process streamlined.

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