5 Ways to Help Your Staff Get Energized (And Stay Energized)

Grab the attention of your employees! You want them engaged and committed to the cause, so we’re here to share five ways you can get it done. Here are our top tips for managers to energize their employees for a happy, productive workflow. 1. Gamification Use gamification to motivate your team throughout a project. Many… Read More »

These 5 Tips Can Help Your Business Land Better Talent

Hiring is a challenging process, especially when you factor in shuffling through applications and resumes, the onboarding process, and retaining workers. If you’re tired of constantly bringing in workers that don’t measure up, we can help. Here are our top five tips on how your company can land better talent:   Online Presence In the… Read More »

The Major Drawback of Employee Referrals

If you want to attract talent, one popular strategy is to ask your employees to recommend professionals, and provide an incentive. Whether it’s a cash bonus or a prize, your staff will take advantage of the offer and bring in their connections. The goal of an employee referral program is to fill roles and retain… Read More »

Is Your Company Practicing What You Preach?

Managing a team effectively comes with experience. But delivering on your company’s vision? That takes much more. It can be difficult to create an abstract theme for your organization, and carry out concrete tasks to fulfill that vision.   You can’t stay true to your brand if you don’t have one, so you’ll need to:… Read More »

How Much Time Does Hiring REALLY Take?

As a manager, it can be easy for too many tasks to become your responsibility. We’re here to discuss one aspect that most leaders don’t love: the hiring process. Recently, some trends in hiring have impacted the way you may manage your staff. Glassdoor’s research team shows that the average interview process takes about 23… Read More »

The Secret to Successful Hiring (From Other Successful Companies)

A low unemployment rate doesn’t mean you have few opportunities to find qualified candidates for open positions. When you create a hiring plan that includes key strategies, key candidates will come to you. Here are some tips from other successful companies on how you can find the perfect candidate for you next job opening. Vivid… Read More »