5 Ways to Help Your Staff Get Energized (And Stay Energized)

Grab the attention of your employees! You want them engaged and committed to the cause, so we’re here to share five ways you can get it done. Here are our top tips for managers to energize their employees for a happy, productive workflow.

1. Gamification

Use gamification to motivate your team throughout a project. Many workers have a competitive drive that can help them concentrate on new challenges. Try a scoreboard or friendly points-system that allows workers to receive awards to help employees continue to push.

2. Give Them The Tools They Need

Comfortable work areas, quality supplies, and space to complete tasks are all crucial to an effective workplace. A standing desk can really energize an otherwise sedentary crew member. Don’t just buy cheap office supplies in bulk – ask your team members about their preferred tools during onboarding.

3. Provide Flexibility

Giving your workers the freedom to determine their schedules can provide some much-needed relief. If your workers feel overextended or micromanaged, they won’t perform at peak levels. Offer remote options if you have not done so already, or some alternate scheduling such as 4 ten-hour shifts.

4. Be Empathetic

We’ve all felt the challenges of stress. In order to maintain an effective work environment, make sure you’re encouraging your team to enforce strong time management practices. This should start from the top – try to avoid hosting an informational meeting that could’ve been summed up in an email. Be respectful of the work on everyone’s plate.

5. Provide Additional Support

To truly keep your team on target, you need to provide the administrative support they need. During busy seasons, consider bringing on temporary staff to keep your outcomes consistent. Don’t let your team feel overwhelmed or overworked. If you need to bring on extra staff to keep the team running at full capacity, you need Job Store Staffing.

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