“I want to thank your team for providing this opportunity to me. As you will see in my resume, I have a significant amount of leadership and management experience. When I returned with my experience overseas, I began to seek out employment, and for two years…I applied and was denied by well over 150 employers. I got to the point where I was going to dumb down my resume, but truthfully, I felt as if I was hiding my experience and talents and that wasn’t beneficial to me. My job search became very frustrating. It was to the point where I gave up and when I received an email from Job Store® regarding placement, I almost deleted the email. I am glad I didn’t. This route allowed me to get into a large-scale employer and provide me with a platform to showcase my talents. Again, had it not been for Job Store® and their team… I would not have had the opportunity to just be given a chance to show what I can do. I wanted to thank you for what you do and I am hoping my colleagues will be able to share the same experience I had.”


I’ve had a very good experience with Job Store Staffing®. I was placed quickly in a great temp-to-hire role. My manager was awesome to work with and provided continual support. Highly Recommend!!


I have worked with Aurora’s Job Store® team since 2014. They have always done a great job for me!  They are friendly, empathetic and care about what you are looking for in a job.    They have found me my last 3 great opportunities.   They followed up after they placed me to make sure I was happy with my position.  I can’t imagine working with anyone else.   They really do care!

G. Garcia

The ladies who run the North location are fantastic. For my first time using a staffing agency, the process was fast, smooth, and easy. Would recommend to everyone who is looking for a new opportunity in any field!


My experience with The Job Store® has been great. The whole process was pretty quick and hassle- free. I was offered a position within a few weeks of meeting with a recruiter. This position being everything I was looking for and more! The staff is friendly and you can tell the Recruiters really care. My recruiter was amazing. He was friendly, relatable and very professional. I could tell he cared to find and help me get the position that I was looking for. He was persistent with following up with me and was also easy to contact. I’m so happy I decided to go with Job Store® and would recommend them to anyone who is searching for just a job or looking to start a career (short or long term).


I recently moved to Colorado with no real job plans set in motion. I was searching for a job when I came across a cooking position through Job Store Staffing®. I had applied for the position and within two days I had an interview for the position. Everyone at the agency was very friendly, fast acting, and the communication was great. I started the job a week later, right before Thanksgiving.  Then, the first week of December, they were already wanting to hire me as a full time employee.


Job Store Staffing® really understands what was important to me regarding an assignment. They have sent me to work at many great companies and the skills needed were a perfect match. Their abilities to listen and to deliver motivate me to work hard for them.


I have had a great experience working with The Job Store®! Even in this tough economy, they were able to quickly find me an assignment when several other temporary agencies in my area couldn’t. They genuinely care to match you up with an assignment you’ll like and have been a joy to work with. I highly recommend Job Store Staffing® to anyone looking for work!


I thank Job Store Staffing® for all the effort they put forth in setting up interviews for me. They really showed me that they cared about me and finding me the right job! I have referred my friends and family too because I know they care.


I have had a wonderful experience working with the team at Job Store®. Their help with my resume and interview tips have allowed me the opportunity to find the right type of work. I feel like the team is an actual team and that no matter what happens, they are there to support me. I really appreciate The Job Store® and would recommend them to anyone looking for work.