Get Ahead With These 7 Organizational Skills

Job seekers in the administrative and professional field know that there are a variety of open positions, but it can be difficult to know what skills are important to a potential employer. If you’re looking for the right role and need to know how to impress in an interview, we can help. These are Job Store Staffing’s top seven organizational skills for candidates in the professional/admin sector to help them get ahead in their career.

1. Time Management

Part of effective organization skills includes organizing your time. It’s crucial to know how long your tasks will take and prioritize to account for that time throughout your workday.

2. Orderliness

Keeping a tidy work station and efficient system is really important when you’re in a forward-facing role. As an administrative professional, you will often be the first line when clients and other new faces enter your organization. It’s important to keep your area decluttered to make a favorable impression and keep you focused.

3. Documentation

If there’s one thing admins know, it’s how to maintain great records. As a worker in the professional or administrative sector, you’ll want to have documentation of everything. Get in the habit of recording notes, ideas, meetings, and all other relevant information either digitally or with paper and pen.

4. Filing

Whether your documentation is digital or physical, you need a honed system of organization for filing. Designated folders can really clarify a landing spot for important documents, and ideally, an outsider would easily be able to understand your filing and gain access to important info as needed.

5. Collaboration

Staying organized requires a skill for teamwork. It takes a village, so make sure you are ready to collaborate and work harmoniously with your colleagues to master any project.

6. Delegation

Just as important as collaboration, you also need to know when to lean on your team. It’s impossible for one person to get everything done, so don’t put that pressure on yourself. Create rapport with your coworkers so you can determine strengths and share the load.

7. Planning

One of the biggest aspects of administration is making a plan. Your ability to cultivate and execute a plan will be crucial. You’ll want to be familiar with web-based meeting scheduling tools, stay privy to varied timezones, and working backward from a specific deadline.

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