May 2021: An Employers Guide to Colorado’s COVID Restrictions

The challenges of the pandemic seem insurmountable, but now things are finally looking up. While we are all looking forward to returning to normal, there will be many steps to get there before we can rejoice. If you are still transitioning your employees back from remote accommodations, it can be challenging to get things back to normal while protecting your team. As an employer, you have a multitude of responsibilities to manage and prioritize. Here are the things you need to know in May 2021 about Colorado’s COVID Restrictions:


Sanitizing common areas and shared spaces will be an important move to ease concerns and keep things hygienic. You’ll also need clear signage for employee hygiene – protocol on hand-washing and other appropriate measures.

Personal Protective Gear

Mandate or provide masks, gloves, face shields, or other face coverings as appropriate. Don’t forget to emphasize social distancing wherever possible. Follow Colorado’s facility health screening process to ensure compliance.

Creating Space

Employers will need to implement an effective ventilation system. See the updated OSHA guidelines here. Make sure you are dividing large work areas with temporary walls to create multiple smaller rooms, as well as avoiding gatherings of more than ten people. Temporary walls must meet these standards to be verified:

  • Approved by building department with new occupancies posted
  • Temporary wall material must be aerosol-resistant
  • Full airflow restriction, floor to ceiling coverage
  • Other HVAC requirements met


Chances are, your expertise is not in public health crisis management. These circumstances have left managers with their own struggles, such as recruiting, workers returning from remote work or furlough, and inventory limitations. Your best move as we transition is to designate a specific trusted worker to lead the charge regarding all COVID-related issues. The more you can empower and deputize your staff, the more time you’ll have to manage your own to-do list.

We Can Help You as Things Start Returning to Normal

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