3 Ways You Can Diversify Your Professional Network

Struggling to make connections? Job search taking a bit longer than you like? You’re not alone – many qualified candidates are currently facing challenges with post-pandemic placement. The market has many great applicants, and most companies are changing their entire operation in the wake of COVID. This is exactly why you need a leg up to get every advantage you can in a complicated job market. Here are the best things you can do to make sure you have a diverse network of professional connections.

1. Try New Things

Baby steps! Find small, manageable ways you can create new opportunities for yourself. Networking is intimidating to most, but think of it as a door opening for you. You may feel uncomfortable or vulnerable at first, but pushing outside your comfort zone will help your motivation and develop your confidence. The more professionals in your network that are aware of your job seeker status, the more likely it is that someone will think of you for an opening.

2. Branch Out

Not only do you need an expansive network of professionals in your industry, but you also need to tap into other industries. If you’re seeking a new role, you want to have contacts in all different fields for a better chance at landing a new position quickly, especially if you aren’t willing to settle. If you’re looking for work in an administrative role, don’t just stick to the professional area. Reach out to industrial or construction pros, for example, for a similar role in a new setting. Your transferable skills will likely make an opportunity appear that you can easily match qualifications for.

3. Bridge The Gap

Think outside of your generation. It’s easy for millennials to bond with other millennials by talking about everything from social issues to house plants, but a diverse network doesn’t just include other thirty-year-olds! Connect with everyone from Gen Z to Baby Boomers for the best shot at a truly diverse network. Varying perspectives and opinions will mean your choice of resources and support to enable you to succeed as a job seeker.

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