Candidate Testimonials

Why people trust Job Store Staffing with their careers. 

What Candidates Think About Working With Us

I want to thank your team for providing this opportunity to me. As you will see in my resume, I have a significant amount of leadership and management experience. When I returned with my experience overseas, I began to seek out employment, and for two years…I applied and was denied by well over 150 employers. I got to the point where I was going to dumb down my resume, but truthfully, I felt as if I was hiding my experience and talents and that wasn’t beneficial to me. My job search became very frustrating. It was to the point where I gave up and when I received an email from Job Store Staffing regarding placement, I almost deleted the email. I am glad I didn’t. This route allowed me to get into a large-scale employer and provide me with a platform to showcase my talents. Again, had it not been for Job Store Staffing and their team… I would not have had the opportunity to just be given a chance to show what I can do. I wanted to thank you for what you do, and I am hoping my colleagues will be able to share the same experience I had.


I’ve had a very good experience with Job Store Staffing. I was placed quickly in a great temp-to-hire role. My manager was awesome to work with and provided continual support. Highly Recommend!!


I have worked with Aurora’s Job Store Staffing team since 2014. They have always done a great job for me! They are friendly, empathetic and care about what you are looking for in a job. They have found me my last 3 great opportunities. They followed up after they placed me to make sure I was happy with my position. I can’t imagine working with anyone else. They really do care!

G. Garcia

The ladies who run the North location are fantastic. For my first time using a staffing agency, the process was fast, smooth, and easy. Would recommend it to everyone who is looking for a new opportunity in any field!


My experience with Job Store Staffing has been great. The whole process was pretty quick and hassle- free. I was offered a position within a few weeks of meeting with a recruiter. This position being everything I was looking for and more! The staff is friendly, and you can tell the recruiters really care. My recruiter was amazing. He was friendly, relatable, and very professional. I could tell he cared to find and help me get the position that I was looking for. He was persistent following up with me and was also easy to contact. I’m so happy I decided to go with Job Store Staffing and would recommend them to anyone who is searching for just a job or looking to start a career (short or long term).


I recently moved to Colorado with no real job plans set in motion. I was searching for a job when I came across a cooking position through Job Store staffing. I had applied for the position and within two days I had an interview for the position. Everyone at the agency was very friendly, fast acting, and the communication was great. I started the job a week later, right before Thanksgiving. Then, the first week of December, they were already wanting to hire me as a full-time employee.