Work-Life Balance Initiatives in Colorado: Attracting and Retaining Talent

Colorado’s natural beauty and active lifestyles make the area a great place to live. These aspects support work-life balance initiatives that help local companies attract and retain talent. Strong work-life balance increases employee engagement, productivity, performance, and job satisfaction. These factors elevate employee attraction and retention rates. As employees continue to leave their employers for… Read More »

Strategies for Addressing Underperforming Employees

Underperforming employees may need help to strengthen their skills, build confidence, or more effectively manage their time. Or, these employees might require clarification of their goals, expectations, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Addressing underperforming employees helps uncover the reasons why they are not producing at the level they should be. Creating a plan for improvement… Read More »

How Is AI Impacting Candidate Screening and Sourcing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) involves technologies that use algorithms to mimic how the human brain works. Machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and robotic process automation are among these technologies. AI uses data to make decisions and learn from user interactions. This process lets the technologies continuously improve as they perform complex tasks. Because of… Read More »

5 Signs You’re Pushing Your Employees Too Hard

As a manager, you want your employees to remain motivated, engaged, and productive. The better your team performs, the more likely they will reach company goals. Although you want to encourage your team to perform their best, you also want to avoid pushing your employees too hard. Otherwise, your team likely will become demotivated, disengaged,… Read More »

Understanding Gen Z in the Workplace

Gen Z was born between 1997 and 2012. Because they are adults, these individuals are starting to graduate from high school and college and enter the workforce. Like the generations before them, Gen Z looks for specific characteristics when deciding which jobs and employers interest them the most. Offering what these job seekers are looking… Read More »

Summer Productivity: Keep Your Team On Track

Keeping your team on track during the summer can be challenging. Your employees likely would rather engage in outdoor activities than be productive at work. As a result, you should proactively determine how you can keep your team productive during the summer. These ideas can help. Implement these tips to keep your team on track… Read More »

How to Identify and Hire Top Customer Service Talent

Identifying and hiring top customer service talent lets your company provide excellent customer service. This requires a wide, deep applicant pool to select from. Increasing your applicant pool lets you choose from the most qualified customer service talent. This helps provide an attractive customer experience to increase your bottom line. Follow these steps to identify… Read More »

How to Encourage Innovation in Manufacturing

Innovation in manufacturing involves improving existing products and services, creating new ones, and changing the way business is conducted. This may include using new technologies, improving industry methods, or creating better systems and processes to fill changing customer needs. Encouraging innovation in manufacturing helps your facility keep up with changes in your industry. Your approach… Read More »

Steps to Handle Difficult Conversations with Employees

As a manager, there will be times when you must have difficult conversations with employees. These discussions might involve poor performance, disagreements with coworkers, violation of company policy, layoffs, or termination. Handling difficult conversations with employees can be challenging. However, these conversations provide opportunities for professional growth and development. As a result, you must learn… Read More »

Achieving Work-Life Balance Starts with a Positive Company Culture

A company’s culture is created through workplace environments, experiences, and attitudes. Having a positive company culture results in high employee engagement, collaboration, and performance. This leads to high job satisfaction, employee morale, and retention rates. A positive company culture promotes productivity. Managers trust their employees to make educated decisions and produce quality work with minimal… Read More »