How Is AI Transforming the Way You Hire?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way companies hire. As a result, employers continue to leverage the technology to benefit their hiring processes.

For instance, chatbots optimize job postings, answer candidate questions, and schedule interviews to help improve the candidate experience. Also, LinkedIn Recruiter continues to gain updated features to find candidates based on skills, shared values, and the desired locations and methods of work. Additionally, LinkedIn offers AI-assisted technology to provide personalized messages to increase candidate engagement with recruiters.

Because AI continues to transform the way companies hire, employers will continue to take advantage of the technology. The following are reasons why.

Discover how AI is transforming the way employers hire and how the technology can benefit your company.

Time Savings

LinkedIn’s report The Future of Recruiting 2023 found that 68% of the hiring professionals surveyed were very hopeful or cautiously optimistic about the impact of AI saving time in the hiring process:

  • 74% wanted to automate repetitive tasks to prioritize more strategic work
  • 67% wanted to source candidates faster or more easily
  • 59% wanted to make candidate engagement faster or easier

AI also can be used in other ways to save time when hiring:

  • Writing job descriptions
  • Assisting with candidate outreach
  • Generating potential interview questions

Skills-First Hiring

Hiring for skills, experience, and past performance is a strong predictor of success. Therefore, hiring professionals use AI to minimize bias in making hiring decisions. The results include building diverse workforces that create a foundation for equity and inclusion.

Personalized Candidate Outreach

Hiring professionals who use AI have more time to personally engage with top candidates:

  • Human involvement in the hiring process helps show genuine interest in candidates.
  • Building relationships with candidates generates interest in working for a company.
  • Candidates who feel listened to are likely to interview and accept job offers.

Enhancement of Soft Skills

Soft skills are becoming more important as the use of AI for hiring increases:

  • Hiring for roles with limited candidate pools requires highly developed soft skills.
  • Having strong soft skills helps develop a thorough understanding of the necessary skills for a role, the desired team makeup, and whether having fewer skills but greater potential qualifies a candidate.
  • Developing a nuanced understanding of the hiring manager’s and candidate’s needs, using data to create a compelling story, and negotiating a job offer with a candidate require high-level soft skills.

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