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What Is the Gig Economy?

The gig economy is a workforce environment filled with temporary jobs. Depending on the company’s needs, these jobs might last a few weeks or months.

The gig economy continues to change the way work is viewed.  Because these jobs are not permanent, they provide ongoing flexibility to determine where and when a worker secures employment.

How the Gig Economy Works

A temporary job represents part of a gig worker’s income. Therefore, the worker can simultaneously take on multiple temporary jobs for different companies and earn income similar to full-time employment. Or, these workers can take on temporary jobs to earn part-time or supplemental income to help them reach financial goals.

Benefits of the Gig Economy

The gig economy allows workers to earn full-time, part-time, or supplemental income. The ability to choose temporary jobs and work for multiple employers provides greater flexibility and control over their schedules than working as full-time employees.

For instance, gig workers with full-time jobs can pick up temporary jobs during evening or weekend hours. Also, skilled professionals can take on challenging temporary projects to increase their skills and secure higher-level jobs for more income. Additionally, gig workers can continuously take on temporary jobs for long-term job security during a time of increasing automation.

Best Practices for Gig Workers

Workers with diverse skills can follow these best practices to take advantage of the gig economy:

  • Choose your niche: Use your skills, passions, and interests to take on temporary jobs.
  • Set your schedule: Determine when you are available to work so you know which gigs fit your schedule.
  • Treat each gig as an interview: Perform your best each day. Encourage the employers to ask you to return for future temporary jobs, consider you for full-time employment, or refer you to other employers within the industry.
  • Work with a staffing firm: Find a staffing firm that places temporary workers in the industry and jobs you desire. Gain access to ongoing opportunities with local employers.

Are You Ready to Get Started with the Gig Economy?

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