Building a Cohesive Team with Permanent and Temporary Staff

Building a cohesive team with permanent and temporary staff can be challenging. You want your team to collaborate regardless of their employment status and time spent serving your company.

Finding the methods that work best to build cohesion among your team of permanent and temporary staff takes work. These methods can help.

Use these tips to build a cohesive team with permanent and temporary staff.

Emphasize Company Values and Goals

Discuss your organization’s values and goals so your permanent and temporary staff know and understand them. Clarify that everyone must contribute to a positive, productive work environment that values and respects everyone’s input.

Quickly resolve any issues that arise. Support collaboration and cohesion among your team.

Explain the Reporting Structure

Clarify to whom your permanent and temporary staff members report. Include what your expectations are and how your staff will collaborate. Encourage questions to ensure understanding.

Connect Each Role with the Company’s Vision

Share how each permanent and temporary staff member’s role contributes to the reason your organization exists. Showing a connection to the big picture supports team collaboration and cohesion.

Organize regular team meetings that reinforce the importance of each role. Also, publicly recognize your permanent and temporary staff members who demonstrate progress toward your company’s mission.

Promote Inclusivity

Treat your permanent and temporary staff with the same amount of respect and inclusivity. They all contribute to your desired results.

Be transparent about when and why inclusivity might be limited. Examples include confidential company information, need-to-know data, and employee-only events.

Connect Permanent and Temporary Staff Members

Match each temporary staff member with a permanent staff member. Forming these partnerships helps minimize feelings of “us versus them.”

Include your permanent and temporary staff in as many role-related discussions as possible. Also, clarify what each staff member’s priorities are, what their timelines look like, and who is responsible for what. Ensure understanding of delivery and accountability.

Emphasize Integration, Collaboration, and Rewards

Integrate your temporary staff with your permanent staff to encourage positive working relationships. Also, create collaborative assignments to promote cohesion among your team. Then, reward the behaviors that lead to the desired results.

Train and Develop Your Team

Provide training and development for your permanent and temporary staff. Developing your team members’ hard and soft skills supports collaboration and cohesion.

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