Elevating Holiday Spirits: 5 Ways to Show Staff Appreciation This Season

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Now is the time of year to elevate holiday spirits! Show your staff appreciation this season so they know you value their contributions and results.

Expressing appreciation for your staff members supports engagement, performance, and productivity. Showing gratitude elevates job satisfaction, employee morale, and attraction and retention rates. The results include a stronger Q4 finish and a springboard for success in the new year.

Choose among these five ways to elevate holiday spirits by showing staff appreciation this season.


1. Give Bonuses

Your staff would appreciate bonuses for their hard work. Or, you could give cash or gift cards instead.

If you decide to provide bonuses, determine whether all staff members should receive the same amount or whether their full-time status or performance should make a difference. Or, if you decide to give cash or gift cards, consider providing the same amount to everyone because they can see how much others receive. You might include the cash or gift cards in personalized, handwritten cards so your staff understands how much you care about them.

2. Provide Gifts

Providing gifts is an excellent way to show your staff members appreciation. Examples of gifts that staff members would appreciate include gourmet treats, catered lunch at the office, and dinner at a local restaurant.

3. Donate to Nonprofit Organizations

Consider providing donations to the nonprofit organizations that your staff members support. Ensure you include the staff member’s name with the donation.

An alternative could be providing your staff members with a paid day off for volunteer work. You could choose a day for your team to volunteer together to benefit a local nonprofit organization.

4. Organize a Staff Member Party

Plan a holiday party for your staff members and their families on a weekend. Rent an event venue and hire a caterer, bartender, and disc jockey to create a festive atmosphere.

Or, consider hosting an event during business hours. Examples include massages at the office or local day spa services to help your staff destress.

5. Offer Holiday Perks

Consider providing your staff with additional flexibility to fulfill their holiday obligations. Examples include remote work options, flex schedules, and additional paid time off.

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