Every professional faces deeply stressful times. It happens across every industry. Whether you’re pressured by looming deadlines or overwhelmed by leads to pursue, don’t let stress get the best of you. Harness these feelings and turn them into productivity. We’ve got four ways to help you de-stress throughout the workday and conquer any obstacles.

Limit Distractions

Many professionals like to practice what we’re calling “zen productivity.” This strategy can be helpful when you have a ton of work to get done, but you don’t want to burn out or get distracted. For zen productivity, headphones are your best friend. Whether it’s cheap earbuds or a high-tech soundproof device, you want to lock in and shut the world out. For some, this is the right time to start up an inspiring playlist or a motivational podcast. Others need silence to accomplish each task. Know what works for you, but focus on either keeping out all noise, or selecting your favorite sounds to help you narrow your focus and tackle your to-do list.

Get the Blood Flowing

One of the best ways to de-stress without dropping everything is to get moving! If you can’t spare time for a quick jog outside, try a walk around the building with a colleague to clear your head. Still stressed? Try interspersing your tasks with quick bursts of physical activity. For every spreadsheet you finish analyzing, complete twenty jumping jacks. Feeling self-conscious? Make it a team-building activity! Hold a plank challenge each day for everyone that wants to break up the monotony and feel fit on the job.

Keep Things Positive

It’s all about attitude. If you can channel optimism and practice positive thinking, you’ll maintain a centered workflow throughout the day. Try a few things to see what works for you, whether it’s repeating a mantra to keep you calm and collected, or taking ten minutes for a mini-meditation session. Apps like Headspace and Calm offer free and paid options for guided relaxation exercises that can give you a brand new perspective.

Enhance Your Surroundings

To keep yourself in check throughout the workday, make sure your environment isn’t making you tense. There’s a reason so many companies are emphasizing a positive “company culture” — it’s because your area can directly impact your mood and motivation to perform your job well. Whether you’ve got a corner office or a shared desk, there are plenty of ways to make your space feel comforting and inviting. Add a plant to nurture or something with a soothing scent. If you want to focus on physical wellness, try a balance ball chair or use a standing desk to prevent being too stationary throughout the day.


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