Negativity: It’s a productivity killer. When you’re a leader in the workplace, it can be hard to keep your people motivated when morale is low. Whether there’s a conflict between co-workers or difficult clients, it’s your responsibility to stop bad vibes in their tracks. We’ve got four steps to help you keep things positive and retain happy staff members.

1.     Make Opportunities Available

To ensure your staff is satisfied at your organization, you need to provide employees with opportunities to grow and expand their skills. You never want to leave your employees wanting more, in any aspect of their professional lives. First, encourage their leadership skills and look for training sessions or seminars that will benefit your people. Whether you host programs internally or send employees out to learn more, make sure you advertise relevant opportunities to make sure everyone has a chance to excel. Also, it’s important to make sure your workers feel like they have the opportunity to be heard. Have them voice their thoughts and concerns at monthly staff meetings, or schedule one-on-one talks for each professional to air their grievances. You can stop negativity at the source if you practice active listening with your staff members.

2.     Provide Fair Treatment

If you’re feeling a lot of negativity in the workplace, it could be because people feel there is unfair treatment. This is an easy trap to fall into. As a leader, you may compliment certain employees, or give preferential treatment to friends. This can’t happen. Rules you create and enforce must apply to all employees, not a select few. You need to earn employee trust by never showing favoritism. Consistently show your employees that you provide just treatment. New hires will feel encouraged if they know you already trust they will contribute equally to the team.

3.     Show Gratitude

Whether you’re running a machinery floor or supervising sales reps, you need to make your team feel appreciated. Your staff works hard, and they want to know you value their efforts. Providing both tangible and verbal praise will help with positive reinforcement, and keep the negativity out of the workplace. Try setting out a “praise box” where workers can thank others for help with a task or compliment them for a job well done. If employees can feel validated and recognize their peers, they’ll have a greater appreciation for each project.

4.     Create a Welcoming Environment

Never let a worker feel left out. Help make every member of your team, especially new hires, feel like they are active members of your organization’s community. Promote positivity by communicating every big project and every work get-together to every staff member. Negativity often stems from people feeling neglected or disenfranchised. Do little things to help your workers feel ready to conquer the day, whether it’s a quick morning chat or a monthly happy hour.


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