You’ve been on the hunt for weeks, maybe months. You’ve had a few interviews, it seems like you’re on the right track, and then you never get the call. Finding the right job is its own full-time role. We’ve all been there – you apply for a posting online, you attach your resume, and then you’ve got dozens of questions to answer. If you’re tired of waiting by the phone or tweaking your resume over and over, we’ve got some new tips on how you can update your job search strategy.

Signs You Need to Re-Evaluate

First of all, if you’re feeling pressure because you’ve been on the hunt for a while, don’t be too hard on yourself. These days, it’s not uncommon to take more than six months to find the right position. Underemployment is more prevalent than ever, so finding the right fit could take quite a while in this market. However, we’ve got some job search problems you may be facing, and we’re providing our best advice on how to make a positive change.


1.     No Second Interviews

If your application is getting you that first interview, but you never get a second chance at the position, there may be issues with your interview presence. Make sure you’re doing a good amount of pre-interview research: You should know about the company’s process, mission, and smaller goals. You can also improve your interview skills to help your chances. Consult interview tip books and Youtube videos, or phone a friend you’re comfortable. Ask if they’d be willing to do a mock interview with you so they can evaluate your performance and provide feedback to help you be completely prepared for your next opportunity.

2.     No Interviews At All

You’ve applied for dozens of positions and your work is rewarded with… silence? This can mean that your basic application attachments could use a second look. Updating your resume should be done after a few months, and it may be helpful to overhaul it completely. Try a skills-based resume, or perhaps a more eye-catching style in more relaxed industries. Also avoid this mistake that some rookies make: Never reuse a cover letter. The purpose of a cover letter is to show the employer how your experience makes you a perfect fit for the position, so it needs to be personalized every time. It may help to start from scratch for each application, and understanding how you can sell yourself to the hiring manager.

3.     Online Only

Networking is everything. If you’re only applying for generic online listings, you’re wasting your energy. There are so many options other than the usual sites to find quality jobs. Search for any local or regional conferences for your industry, or trainings that expand your existing skills. Attending a leadership seminar could introduce you to a future employer. You should also tap into your existing network. Reach out on LinkedIn, or ask former colleagues to chat over coffee to see if any opportunities arise. Additionally, make sure you’re applying for the right positions.

4.     Final Consideration Shortcomings

After conquering the final interview with confidence, you never get the job. What gives? If you feel great about your performance and fit for the role, but suddenly get the cold shoulder, it’s likely there may be a problem as the company contacts your professional references. Be sure that you’re providing contact information for professionals who can vouch for your experience, and speak about you in a positive light. You won’t get the job if your prospective new employer makes a call to your friend who can’t describe your work ethic, or a past boss who has negative things to say about you.


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