Why Getting Involved With Local Colleges Can Help You Find Fresh Candidates

Qualified candidates are hard to come by. You want to bring in fast learners who will work well with a team, and you need to hire reliable workers who aren’t afraid to hit the ground running. But it can be so tricky to find the right people for the job. Tapping into your network and utilizing resources in new ways can help you hire in a more strategic way. We’re here to tell you why the best place to find fresh talent is at your local college or university.

Talent is Eager and Ready

If you have an opportunity to chat with local college students, you’ll find out right away that they’re looking for their next step already. If you reach out to universities for new talent, you’ll find high-quality candidates searching for the right role. Try contacting the head of the business or management programs at the school, and ask if there are any recommended ways to reach out to students for future employment opportunities. It’s likely there is a process you can follow, or you can create your own and gain the benefits of being the college’s first community partner in the local business sector.

Diverse Pool of Young Adults

One special feature of colleges in your area is that they’ll usually have a more wide and diverse selection of candidates to choose from than if you were to just list a job posting online. Students choose their higher education institution for many reasons, and will often travel across the country or even the world for their college experience. If you can recruit these students, your company will boast a broad spectrum of backgrounds and skill sets that will help you stand out among similar organizations.

Community Involvement is Good For Your Reputation

Community involvement makes your business more appealing. If you believe in corporate social responsibility, you know the importance of giving back and making an investment in the community. Corporate social responsibility isn’t just about writing a check to the local animal shelter. You can do so much for your region if you are willing to widen your network and try some creative events and programs.
It’s important to build relationships with community partners, and you can do this by reaching out to any nearby schools. From a community college to a private university, there are many ways your organization can help them while promoting your business. This relationship can be symbiotic. If you pay for a spot in the drama department’s program, or sponsor free monthly movie nights in the quad, you’ll catch the attention of students and alumni. Many consumers will notice when businesses are involved in the community.

How can you kickstart a powerful partnership?

  • Sponsor an event. You can offer your company’s product or service – for example, if you run sign company, help your local college create new signage for their fieldhouse. Or, you can write a check and let the experts provide a great opportunity for your students with your sponsorship.
  • Provide a service. Think about how you can give back, whether you want to provide mentoring done by your staff members or sponsor paid internships with your company to help students gain professional experience.
  • Freebies! College kids love swag. Try keychains and t-shirts to build brand recognition. It may seem like a cheesy gimmick, but it’s really an opportunity to bond with students to find out what they look for in a potential employer

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