“You have not been selected for this role.”

“This position has been filled.”

“Another candidate has accepted the position.”


We’ve all gotten that email, phone call or letter. After multiple interviews, your chances were crushed and you didn’t get the job. That rejection can hurt, and it can feel impossible to bounce back. We’ve got some tips to help you move on and recover to get back in the game.

It’s Ok to Be Upset

It can be hard to hear you didn’t get the job, especially if you were excited about the position. Let yourself feel the disappointment and frustration. Allowing yourself to grieve will help you feel like you can really move on. The day you hear bad news, give yourself a few hours to feel down, and then focus on the next opportunity. You can take time to reflect on any mistakes or miscommunications, but don’t overanalyze the hiring process.

Always Have Other Options

The best way to recover from a devastating job search blow is to keep an open mind. If you’ve narrowed in on one position, you may miss out on the perfect fit for you. At all times during your job search, have multiple prospective jobs you are juggling. This is the one time you want to divide your focus, because it keeps you from dwelling on the job that got away. You should always be applying for multiple postings per day, even if it seems frustrating or pointless. This way, if you get that rejection, you can just turn to interview prep for your next opportunity.

Stay Objective

Understand the hiring process isn’t always personal. Don’t take it as an affront if you don’t get the job. Try to see things from the employer’s perspective. They needed to hire someone, you weren’t the right fit, so they couldn’t choose you. Overthinking this loss will get you nowhere. You can follow up and try to find out why you weren’t selected, but you may never know. Don’t forget, often companies have to select internal candidates, or maybe someone had skills you couldn’t offer. Don’t get stuck thinking you weren’t hired because they didn’t like you.


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