Be Prepared to Answer Job-Specific Interview Questions

Employers ask job-specific interview questions to determine whether you can fulfill the duties and responsibilities. They want to know whether you have the education, skills, and experience required to be successful in the role. This is especially important if the position requires technical knowledge or the ability to quickly begin producing.

As a result, you need to show you have the qualifications needed to excel in the position. Demonstrating you’re the most skilled and experienced candidate increases your odds of being offered the job.

Follow these guidelines to effectively answer job-specific interview questions.

Review the Job Description

Use the job description to determine the knowledge, skills, and experience required for the role. Then, write down the qualifications you have that match the job description.

Review your list before your interview. Consider including it on the notepad you bring to the discussion.

Provide Examples

Include examples from your previous positions when answering the interview questions. This demonstrates you have the qualifications to fulfill the job duties and responsibilities.

You may want to use the STAR method to share your examples:

  • Describe the situation
  • Explain your task or role
  • Detail the action you took
  • Summarize the results of your action

Emphasize Your Skills

Talk about your skills that are most important for the role. You can refer to the job description or your list for a reminder of which skills to bring up. Show how you applied these skills in previous roles and what you accomplished. Point out that you can attain similar results for your next employer.

Mention Your Credentials

Discuss any classes you took or a degree you earned that relates to the position. Include any special training or certifications you have as well.

These factors reinforce the knowledge and abilities you have to be successful in the position. They also help you stand out from the other candidates. This increases your odds of advancing in the hiring process.

Remain Truthful

Be honest about your ability to fulfill the job duties and responsibilities. Keep in mind that you can be trained to develop any knowledge or skills you lack that are required for success.

If the role truly isn’t a good fit for you, let the interviewer know. They’ll appreciate your honesty and respect for their time. You can look for another role more suited to your needs.

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