Resume and Cover Letter Tips That Stand Out to Colorado Employers

JobStoreStaffing_Quantify Your Experience on Your Resume Using These 4 Tips

Understanding what Colorado employers are looking for in your resume and cover letter is an essential part of your job search. Showing you have the education, skills, and experience required for success in a role helps your information get past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and to the hiring team. If the hiring team member… Read More »

How to Develop Skills That Will Make You Irreplaceable in Today’s Job Market

Developing skills that will make you irreplaceable in today’s job market is essential for career success. Increasing the value you provide employers strengthens your ability to secure roles and advance in your professional path. Regularly adding to your skill set qualifies you for additional roles. Emphasizing your skill set helps you stand out in the… Read More »

Your Colorado Adventure Bucket List

Colorado is known for its exciting outdoor and cultural experiences. Our state caters to adventure seekers and people new to the area. Colorado residents have diverse activities to engage in outside of work. We compiled a bucket list to help you get started on your adventures. Take time to engage in these Colorado adventures to… Read More »

Transitioning Careers: How to Make a Smooth Shift

Transitioning careers can be difficult but rewarding. Working in a different industry helps develop your skills and experience so you can add value to more companies. Having a plan for your career transition can help you make a smooth shift. These suggestions can help. Follow these guidelines to make a smooth shift while transitioning careers.… Read More »

AI and Career Development: Navigating the New Landscape

Navigating the new landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and career development can be challenging. You might be unsure of how to stay ahead of AI as automation takes over more tasks that humans used to complete. Because AI is increasing in popularity, learning to use the technology to develop your skills increases the value you… Read More »

50th Anniversary Highlight

Job Store Staffing® is celebrating our 50th anniversary! We are grateful to have reached this milestone with help from our clients and candidates. Job Store Staffing®’s Founding In 1974, Dorothy Grandbois founded Job Store Staffing® in Colorado to connect people to meaningful work. She looked at the value of each candidate and matched them with… Read More »

How to Encourage Innovation in Manufacturing

Innovation in manufacturing involves improving existing products and services, creating new ones, and changing the way business is conducted. This may include using new technologies, improving industry methods, or creating better systems and processes to fill changing customer needs. Encouraging innovation in manufacturing helps your facility keep up with changes in your industry. Your approach… Read More »

Steps to Handle Difficult Conversations with Employees

As a manager, there will be times when you must have difficult conversations with employees. These discussions might involve poor performance, disagreements with coworkers, violation of company policy, layoffs, or termination. Handling difficult conversations with employees can be challenging. However, these conversations provide opportunities for professional growth and development. As a result, you must learn… Read More »

How to Improve Your Job Onboarding Process

Your job onboarding process sets the tone for each new hire’s experience with your company. This impacts the new hire’s enthusiasm, motivation, and performance level. As a result, making a positive impression during the process is essential. Providing an engaging job onboarding process sets up each new hire for success in your organization. This helps… Read More »

Why You Should Coach Your Employees

Coaching your employees reinforces the importance of ongoing learning. This helps your team improve their performance. Coaching also helps with onboarding, knowledge transfer, and skill development. It supports employee engagement, job satisfaction, and retention as well. Having a coaching leadership style builds an agile workforce. This helps grow your company and its bottom line. Implement… Read More »