Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs Discovered in Behavioral Interview Questions

Hiring managers and office supervisors have the opportunity to conduct interviews to track down that perfect candidate when you need to fill a position. Interviews allow you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a potential hire, and they provide you with insight into a candidate’s personal character and professional experience. However, there’s so much… Read More »

Are You Overqualified But Want the Job? Here’s How to Get It

Sometimes you see the perfect job for you, but you feel you may be overqualified for the position. Perhaps it is because it is for a company you have always wanted to work with or you are looking to change career paths. Being overqualified can often be as disconcerting as being underqualified, since employers may… Read More »

Are Companies Checking Your Facebook Profile?

When you interview for a position, you understand that hiring managers will be contacting your references and calling past employees. What you may not realize, however, is that companies may also review your social media profiles. If companies are checking your Facebook profile, will they determine you are a good fit for their organization? Social… Read More »

5 Tips on How to Dress for an Interview

Appearance matters in life. This concept is especially true when it comes to job interviews. Interviewers can make a decision not to hire you in as little as the first 10 seconds of their conversation with you. If you follow these five tips, you can ensure that the manager’s impression of you is a positive… Read More »