Winter Employee Wellness Ideas

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As the daylight gets shorter, the darkness gets longer, and the cold weather sets in, most people go into hibernation mode. Many of the wellness ideas that were embraced during the warm weather seem less inspiring when the temperature is low and there is snow on the ground. This is why you need to reemphasize the importance of your team members taking care of their physical and mental wellness. Staying healthy increases engagement and productivity while lowering absenteeism and medical costs.

Choose among these tactics to promote overall well-being for your team members during the winter months.

Prioritize Healthy Eating Habits

Your employees may be tempted to combat the cold weather by eating comfort food. Although this is good to do in moderation, remind your team to include healthy foods as well. You may want to organize a competition for healthy alternatives to holiday favorites. Or, you could have a healthy food cook-off. You might even set up an educational seminar about how to modify recipes. If staff members bring in snacks, encourage them to share healthy options.

Commit to Physical Activity

Promote to your team the importance of daily exercise. Although your staff may not be going outside as much when the weather is cold, they still need to move for at least 30 minutes every day. This can have a positive impact on your team members’ health and wellness. You may want to organize a pedometer challenge or walking buddies. Or, encourage your employees to use the stairs rather than the elevator.

Organize a Team Activity

Set up a time for your team members to participate in a local activity. This may include finding their way out of an escape room, ice skating at an indoor rink, or playing laser tag. Or, you might want to go snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or sledding. Other options include an indoor fitness class or a healthy cooking lesson. Your team will bond over the shared activity and feel better because of the exercise.

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