Improve Manufacturing Safety with These 4 Tips

As a manufacturing employee, you are one of your company’s greatest assets. You help get the work done on time and shipped to the proper destinations. This is why it is so essential you enforce safety measures to protect yourself and your teammates from potential hazards. Preventing injuries maintains health and saves time and money for both staff and the organization.

Implement these four tips to help maintain the safety of your manufacturing teammates.

1. Lock Down Your Biggest Risk Areas

Make sure your most common areas of concern are properly protected to reduce the risk of injury. For instance, use barriers, light curtains, two-hand trips, or another type of machine guarding to protect against machine-related hazards. Also, make sure workers are trained to use the proper Lockout/Tagout procedure to safely depower machines when not in use. Additionally, ensure chemicals are labeled and tracked, employees are trained on the proper use and storage of the chemicals, and that staff know what to do in case of exposure to the chemicals. Plus, make sure respiratory protection is being used to minimize exposure to hazardous air.

2. Quickly Manage Safety Issues and Incidents

Ensure everyone is trained on what to do if they see a hazard or experience an injury. They must act quickly to prevent an injury or let it get worse. Be sure an emergency response team is called if needed and an incident report is written and followed up on. Swift action can mean the difference between life and death.

3. Conduct Frequent Safety Inspections and Audits

Evaluate your facility, people, and processes to determine how safe and efficient things are. Make sure everything is compliant with state and federal health and safety regulations. If you uncover any issues, take corrective and preventative action to fix them. Be sure to follow up as necessary.

4. Make Sure the Workforce Is Trained

Make sure you and your teammates are regularly trained on how to perform the jobs, operate the machinery, and correctly wear and maintain safety equipment. Everyone also needs to be educated on new processes, policies, regulations, or machines that are in use. All of this should be done the first day on a job and periodically afterward.

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