Most Common OSHA Violations and How To Prevent Them

JobStoreStaffing_Most Common OSHA Violations and How to Prevent Them

In honor of National Safety Month, Job Store Staffing® is tackling the tough issues – OSHA violations. Staying in compliance with OSHA’s mandates is crucial for an organization to succeed. If you want to protect your team (and your reputation), OSHA comes first. These are the most common OSHA violations and how to prevent them.

1. Hazard Communication

This OSHA regulation causes some of the most citations among all rules. It’s simple signage, but managers can easily overlook it. Hazard communication should always be a priority, with all hazardous chemicals maintaining clear labels indicating their contents and the danger surrounding them.

2. Breathing Hazards

To avoid respiratory issues, OSHA requires protection against those dangerous particles. OSHA requires this to prevent danger from fogs and gases, as well as dangerous dust or sprays. Respirators help workers protect against airborne contaminants to prevent serious injury and disease, so make sure you are fully stocked on protection.

3. Ladder Safety

Often cited in construction but a hazard to prevent in any industry, employers need to practice ladder safety! Stowing large ladders when not in use is essential, and be sure to inspect yours regularly. All ladders must be well-maintained and capable of holding appropriate loads.

4. Machinery and Equipment

Managers can’t just assume that the warehouse is safe and operational – it’s up to you to ensure protocol is in effect. Wear and tear is normal, but your facility must maintain fully operational equipment to comply with OSHA regulations.

5. Forklift Regulations

OSHA regulations demand that every powered industrial truck is operated by a trained professional. Often businesses will get flagged when the wrong users are operating forklifts. Take inventory of which professionals are cleared to operate your units and enforce those OSHA regulations.

We Can Help With Safety Regulations

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