Quantify Your Experience on Your Resume Using These 4 Tips

JobStoreStaffing_Quantify Your Experience on Your Resume Using These 4 Tips

Are you a job seeker wondering why your resume can’t grab the attention of a recruiter? Lots of applicants wonder what they’re doing wrong when they can’t even get a call for an interview. But crafting the right resume takes a little know-how. The secret to the modern resume that will get you a call? Knowing your numbers. When you can include specific data points in your resume, you can really impress an employer. Keep reading to learn how:

1. Show Your Impact

Using numbers can show exactly how you’ve had a positive impact through your previous work experience. You may feel like a cog in the machine at some jobs, but take some time to reflect on your previous employment to think about how you made a difference. Even if you were doing basic tasks, they were likely crucial to greater operations. For example, if you found a quicker way to get the job done, your streamlined the procedure. This saves a company money, and you may be able to do the math to see exactly what cost savings you were able to provide

2. Timelines

Recruiters love someone that can work quickly. Efficiency is key: getting the job done with accuracy and speed. If you’re applying for an administrative position, mention your typing speed or how quickly you can create a pivot table. Remember, employers are always worried about the bottom line. Hiring managers are looking for someone that can succeed in a role – so provide them with the evidence to prove you can do it!

3. Quantity

So you’re not in marketing or management and you can’t boast big numbers of dollars you’ve saved or changes you’ve made – you can still boost your resume through numbers. If your previous employment involved assembly or warehouse operations, name the number of moving parts you managed or how many units you processed. Maybe you record production data you can report on, or you’ve accomplished a record number of OSHA trainings within your team. Think outside the box!

4. Management

If you have any supervisory experience, this is where you can shine. Your ability to manage a team can really set you apart, even if the team was small. Show a hiring manager specifically how many employees you are responsible for and how often you were able to provide support for your colleagues.

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