Don’t Want to Waste Your Day? 5 Reasons to Work Night Shift During Summer

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with your current schedule? Trying to fit in everything you need to do after 5:00pm? You may benefit from switching up your schedule. If you’re ready for a change, consider an alternate shift, like working the 2nd or 3rd rotation. Many professionals find they prefer the perks of the night shift. Working the night shift has benefits, especially when you don’t want to waste the summer sun! Here are our top five reasons to spend your summer working the late shift.

1. Avoid Traffic

One big benefit of working the night shift is missing out on all of the frustrations of a typical 9-5 schedule. This includes all of the small things that really add up, like finding a parking spot or sitting in rush hour traffic. When you choose an alternate schedule, you get to skip the conflicts.

2. Get Things Done

Freeing up your day can transform your ability to live your life. You’re free to schedule appointments more easily, take care of your priorities, and even focus more on family life. Many professionals with kids find huge advantages with working a night shift, for simpler child care coverage and cutting daycare costs.

3. Increased Wages

Looking for bigger benefits? Some workers don’t prefer the night shift, which can mean extra compensation. Working a night shift can definitely be worth it for the higher pay rates.

4. Continuing Education

Does your career journey include higher education? Working the night shift can really help make that dream a reality. If you’re looking to complete an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree as the next steps to boost your career, leaving the day open for your coursework may be exactly what it takes. Even if you’re just getting started, a summer class paired with a nightshift can

5. Less Competition

The night shift isn’t popular, but that works to your advantage. Employers are seeking night shift talent, and the pool of candidates is smaller. Your resume is more likely to be selected for a night shift job posting, so you could be gainfully employed quickly.

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