Over-Empowering Employees: Beneficial or Harmful?

Productivity. A powerful word. You’ve heard podcasts and read articles urging leaders to boost productivity, or how you can hire productive workers. It’s easy to say it’s a priority in your workplace, but what efforts are you making to empower your employees? More importantly: are you making the right choices?

Empowering Employees

Different management styles create different avenues in which leaders may empower their employees. Empathetic managers will empower their employees by validating their feelings and allowing their voice to be heard. More authoritative leaders empower their workers by delegating tasks and assigning special opportunities.

The Benefits

Here are just a few ways empowering employees can benefit your entire team:

  • Boosts creativity and performance
  • Helps influence positive employee behavior
  • Builds trust between you and each team member
  • Works well for newer team members with less experience

You will find that if you use the right strategies to empower your staff, you’ll see stronger performing workers with an increased commitment to the company.

The Drawbacks

The disadvantages of over-empowering your employees are subtle, but can have devastating consequences. If you’re over-empowering your staff, or empowering them in a way that does work for their personalities, there can be critical issues within your team. This error can sometimes increase job stress: delegating too many tasks puts too much pressure on workers, or over-empowering experienced workers can make you feel threatened. If you understand employee expectations, you’ll be able to balance this fine line and meeting their empowerment needs.

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