How to Balance Being a Full-Time Employee and Full-Time Parent

The current dilemma of so many workers is the same one we’ve been grappling with for decades. How can I be a terrific parent without derailing my career? How can I stay attentive to my colleagues and give my children the attention they deserve? Job Store Staffing, a top Colorado staffing firm, provides a few tips for managing it all.

Create a Game Plan

If you fail to plan, you’ll fail your mission. If you want to commit to a full-time job with a full-time parenting schedule, it’s essential to strategize. Find what works for you. If you’re a paper person, a planner can be your best ally. Digitally-minded? Use reminder and notes apps on your phone to log appointments and set alarms.

Social Support

It’s a common expression that you become similar to the people you surround yourself with. It’s essential as a parent and a professional to surround yourself with like-minded people in similar situations. Creating a support network for your family is crucial for everyday comfort to emergency situations. Talk to colleagues, family, and friends to identify helpers for when you need them.

Live in the Moment

One of the biggest struggles we hear most is the guilt of a parent stretched too thin. A successful parent can’t focus on guilt and blame. Rather than getting bogged down in negative self-talk thinking about how you haven’t spent enough time with your kid today, silence your phone and dive in! Work when it’s time to work, and parent when you get that special time with your kiddo.

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