Your 2019 Career Goals: How to Set Achievable Goals

Leadership tip: Productivity is always boosted by a strong company culture. Unity in the workplace benefits workers as well as supervisors. In any business setting, it’s crucial to put your people first. So as a manager, how can you emphasize the importance of company culture and ensure your staff feels supported? Boosting Company Culture The… Read More »

The Benefits of a Flextime Workplace

The traditional workforce is changing at a rapid pace. Typical nine-to-five hours are no longer the standard, and it’s increasingly difficult to hire and retain talent when you implement a rigid schedule. There are varying types of arrangements you can make with your workers, but we recommend setting up flextime in your company to see… Read More »

Job Store Staffing’s Greatest Hits: Top Blogs of 2018

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Understaffed? Here's What It's Really Costing Your Business!

Often, this time of year you’ll hear the term “all hands-on deck.” But what happens when you don’t have all hands? Short-staffing is a serious problem, short term and long term. If you don’t think being down a crew member is an issue, here’s why you need to value every member of your team. If… Read More »

Here's Where to Find the Best Candidates in Colorado This Holiday Season

Seasonal staffing can be tough. As a manager, you must deal with employees on vacation (or daydreaming about it), and some workers even take a leave of absence. During the holiday season, you want to be fully staffed up to handle any challenges that come your way. Being short-staffed cripples your company’s productivity and leaves… Read More »

Why You Should Be Asking Your Employees for Feedback

Feedback equals growth. Feedback gives you an opportunity to analyze your process and enhance the way your team does business. But feedback doesn’t always come naturally from employees. Some staff members are hesitant to share, or feel uncomfortable with public commentary. It’s up to you as a leader to elicit feedback from your staff, and… Read More »

5 Tips for Answering: What Is Your Biggest Weakness?

In a job interview, a recruiter will ask the dreaded question: What’s your biggest weakness? Your strategy to conquer this question needs to be solid. Appearing confident and capable will help you nail the interview and prove you’re the ideal candidate. Here are our top five tips on how you can impress a hiring manager… Read More »

De-Stress With These 4 Exercises You Can Do During Your Workday

Every professional faces deeply stressful times. It happens across every industry. Whether you’re pressured by looming deadlines or overwhelmed by leads to pursue, don’t let stress get the best of you. Harness these feelings and turn them into productivity. We’ve got four ways to help you de-stress throughout the workday and conquer any obstacles. Limit… Read More »

Why Your Social Media Pages Could Be Dismissing You From a Potential Job Offer

When you’re looking to lock down the perfect position, it’s essential to have a strong professional presence. Hiring managers search for experienced candidates with potential and leadership abilities. Most supervisors don’t hire for the short term; they’ve got big-picture plans for qualified applicants. First impressions are crucial, but you need to think big picture too.… Read More »

4 Essential Things to Include in Your Post-Interview Thank-You Letter

To stand out as a job candidate, every detail counts. It can seem impossible to make a big impression even in a candidate market. When you’re searching for the perfect position, you may be applying to dozens of postings each week, and struggling to stay organized. Be sure to keep tabs on the all-important post-interview… Read More »