Why Denver is Ranked the 3rd Best Place to Live

When you’re looking to create the right career path for yourself, location can be incredibly important. Job seekers know that it’s not just about the office environment, it’s about the environment the office is in. If you’re a job seeker looking for a perfect fit, settling in an area that will help you feel healthy and optimistic is essential. Denver was recently ranked number three in the country when it comes to the best cities to relocate to. Here’s how they measure what makes a city great:

  • Affordability
  • Job Growth
  • Social Connections
  • Physical Fulfillment
  • Quality of Life

Let’s take a look at how Denver satisfies these markers better than almost every other city in the country.

Hybrid Living – City and Country

Denver is a hub of innovation and excitement, so we’re not surprised it tops the list of best places to live. Between the amazing breweries and creative restaurants, a night out on the town in Denver will blow you away. Take in a craft cocktail and a night at the theatre, or try a thrilling escape room experience. This metropolis has your favorite city features with a fun new twist. Don’t forget that Denver’s not just for the sophisticated: Living in Denver, you’ll be minutes away from some of the greatest hiking, biking, and bouldering in the nation.

Unique Features

If you’re looking to settle in a city with features unlike any other, Denver is the place to go. Apart from amazing breweries and restaurants, this city boasts unmatched outdoor experiences. Relocating to a place that offers special leisure opportunities can help your well-being and give you the best weekends. Additionally, if you’re so inclined, Colorado stands out with access to CBD, THC, and many varieties of marijuana. You may not be interested, but it certainly gives Denver character.

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