All Great Leaders Have THIS in Common

Management presents many challenges, and one of them is settling for mediocrity. Every supervisor should strive for greatness as they lead their team. Whether you’ve been the boss for 40 years or you’re new to delegating, it’s essential to focus on what will help your team succeed. If you’re comparing yourself to great leaders and wondering how you measure up, you may notice there are a few traits the best managers have in common.

Great Leaders Create Trust

The best supervisors in any industry care about what their people think, and they are able to develop more than just a rapport with their workers. Great leaders cultivate a working relationship with employees, and develop a trust that works both ways. When your workers trust you, you can inspire them to accomplish new feats and take on ambitious projects. When you trust your workers, you can micromanage less and focus on the big picture more.

Great Leaders Establish the Big Picture

One massive motivator for workers is the idea of a higher purpose. Be intentional and stay accountable. Entry-level workers tend to narrow their focus to their tasks without an understanding of how they are contributing. Effectively articulating the importance of each assignment to the staff member responsible helps them feel powerful. If you show your employees they are stakeholders and demonstrate how their input directly benefits the organization, you can spark commitment and drive within your company.

Great Leaders Play to Team Strengths

It’s no secret that you want to best possible performance from your people. How do great leaders take advantage of individual strengths? Clear directions and effective delegation. Communicate with every member of your team when a project is complete – where did they struggle, and which task helped them feel triumphant? A quick debrief will show you how to employ your workers in the future. A very detailed schedule with transparent components assigned to each employee will guarantee the work is done according to plan

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