Long Commute to Work? Listen to These 5 Podcasts on Your Way!

If you have to travel to and from work, you may be looking for a way to make your commute seem a little quicker. The past decade has been the era of the podcast – listening to audio stories from radio hosts. You can find a podcast about anything; from your favorite TV show to the inner workings of the mind. If you’re looking to make your commute smoother with a new podcast, here are our top five recommendations.

1.       Fresh Air – NPR

There are many ways you can escape from the struggle of the day, and Fresh Air is one of them. This podcast provides deep dive interviews that help you disconnect from your issues. Listening to the host’s soothing voice will help you remove the day’s stresses and focus on fascinating interviews taking place with everyone from comedians to clinical scientists.

2.       Reply All – Gimlet Media

Reply All provides a terrific response to the oversaturated internet we use each day. If you’re commuting to work and looking to learn more about the creation and existence of the web, Reply All is for you. Gimlet Media’s stories on new developments and interesting advances across the internet will make your commute fly by.

3.       Criminal – Radiotopia

Interested in a quick story about someone bending, breaking or even shattering the rules? Phoebe Judge hosts Criminal, a podcast that details the criminal behaviors that can change lives. Each story is completely different than the last, so if you want to binge-listen on the way to work, you’ll never be bored.

4.       Death, Sex, and Money – WNYC

This podcast’s attention-grabbing title describes the fascinating conversations that can keep you on edge and answer the questions you’ve always had. This show is for someone interested in the topics that are typically left untouched and the secrets some are willing to share. Listen to this one if you want to learn something new and you’re interested in more than just small talk.

5.       Presidential – The Washington Post

History buff or not, Presidential is a completely captivating podcast. Presidential takes you through the life of each United States president chronologically, with insights from journalists and historians. A tour through American presidents is delightfully distracting and gives you an inside look at the strengths and quirks of our country’s leaders.

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