Are You Using LinkedIn on Your Current Job Search? Here's Why You Should Be!

The challenges of a job search aren’t just limited to resume revisions and impressing employers. Navigating the job marketplace becomes even more complicated in an era of social media bombardment. Think about what tool is universally used by both candidates and recruiters. LinkedIn is an amazing resource that can be equally helpful to both employers and candidates. If you’re looking for the perfect fit in a new role, here’s why you need to use LinkedIn.

Make New Connections

With thousands of articles and posts, LinkedIn provides truly unique insight from industry professionals. You can gain access to prominent industry leaders on LinkedIn that would never be possible in another setting. Not only can you read an article about the benefits of a career in tech, you can dialogue about it! Sparking a discussion in the comment section can help you grow your knowledge and make professional connections that may lead directly to a job interview.

Revisit “Old Flames”

Remember “the job that got away”? Maybe the timing was wrong, or you got a different offer, or your work experience wasn’t a match. Whether you’re a passive or active job seeker, reach out to those companies. Follow up on previous leads and talk to supervisors you have interviewed with before. It’s easier to send a quick LinkedIn message to someone you’ve connected with previously than to strike up a brand new conversation.

How Can I Boost My Page?

There are a few things your LinkedIn page must include in order to boost your profile. If you want to accelerate your LinkedIn job search, here’s what can help:

  • Professional Picture: Employers skip over candidates that don’t have a photo on their profile, and your image should be professional.
  • Career Objective: The next thing an employer wants to see — what’s your career goal? What are you looking for?
  • Effective Descriptions: Make sure your work experience is concise and gets the message across.

Ready for a new job?

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