Here's Where to Find the Best Candidates in Colorado This Holiday Season

Seasonal staffing can be tough. As a manager, you must deal with employees on vacation (or daydreaming about it), and some workers even take a leave of absence. During the holiday season, you want to be fully staffed up to handle any challenges that come your way. Being short-staffed cripples your company’s productivity and leaves you vulnerable to the obstacles that arise during the holiday season.

College Recruiting

If you’re facing a seasonal staff shortage, finding fresh talent on a college campus can be a great way to recruit. Talk to university administrators about setting up a booth or arranging a job fair in order to get new recruits who have some college education. Teaming up with higher education institutions will benefit your organization and the campus, as you’ll be able to provide work experience and gain seasonal talent.

Use Referrals and Incentives

Often your best staffing resource may be right in front of you – your existing staff. Reach out to your employees with a hiring announcement and encourage them to refer friends and family to apply to open positions within your organization. Employee referral systems can inspire your workers to advertise the company to their peers, especially when you attach monetary compensation. Offer a cash bonus to employees who bring in quality candidates that join the team, or establish a point system where existing workers can earn rewards.

Work With a Staffing Agency

The fastest way to find great talent is to team up with the best resource around. Job Store Staffing can help you analyze what positions to fill, and we can partner with you to make it happen in a hurry during the holiday season. Our offices around Colorado can assist you with staffing shortages by offering up high-quality prescreened candidates ready to jump in and take action.

Partner with Job Store Staffing!

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