3 Tips for Motivating Your Temporary Employees During a Busy Holiday Season

Many managers experience a lack of motivation during the holiday season, particularly with part-time and temporary staff. Some workers have a hard time staying focused when they aren’t fully invested in the organization. Here’s how you can help your whole team feel at home and encourage your employees to stay focused during the holiday season.

1. Show Some Spirit

Some managers don’t buy it, but aesthetics can make a difference! Creating a holiday atmosphere within the workplace can help brighten morale and remind the team of the festive season ahead. Spend a little time and money on holiday decorations and you may find yourself greeting a cheerier staff each morning. You can also team up with your staff to identify ways they want to celebrate: a gift swap, a happy hour, whatever will bring the team some cheer.

2. Give Some Guidance

Appreciation goes a long way, especially with employees who may feel their work goes unrecognized. A simple thank you after the completion of a task can be very encouraging. If you want to ensure your team is focused, consider a mentoring program. Assign veteran employees to your part-time staff with a program that supports teaching and career growth. The more support your temporary and part-time employees have, the more likely they are to stay on and stay focused.
3. Bring in the Right Candidates
Fit is everything, and if you’re lazy with the part-time hiring process, you’ll find yourself short-handed around the holiday season. Make sure your post for job seekers is clear and concise and describes the company culture, so candidates can get an idea of your work environment.

Bonus Tip: Work With a Staffing Agency

Still struggling to maintain a focused workforce during the winter months? Team up with a quality staffing agency to gain access to top prospects in your industry. We can pair you with the perfect workers to fill in the gaps for your staff. To learn more, contact Job Store Staffing today.

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