How to Be More Confident in Your Job Interview

  Embrace your power as a candidate! Many job seekers defer to the interviewer, but it’s up to you to prove you belong. In order to harness your abilities and prove you are an ideal hire, you’ll need to exude some serious confidence. Here’s how you can show your courage and persuasiveness in a professional… Read More »

How to Answer the Worst Job Interview Question

Job seekers have enough troubles – creating an enticing cover letter, updating and tweaking the resume, filling out application after application. When a candidate finally gets the call for an interview, it’s exciting! However, it’s crucial to be prepared. “What’s your greatest weakness?” is always the most-dreaded interview question and we’ll help you answer it… Read More »

5 Warehouse Safety Tips to Keep In Mind

There are so many things that go into keeping your warehouse safe. From the smallest of screws to the largest machines, keeping your warehouse operational requires some serious leadership and attention to detail. To maintain an organized, safe warehouse, here are our top five warehouse safety tips. 1. Spills and General Cleaning It may seem… Read More »

Job Search Mistakes You Might Be Making

Finding the right position when you’re unemployed takes a ton of hard work. Each day is filled with applications, resume edits, cover letters, and references. You can apply to dozens of jobs as you look for the right fit, but it may take a while to land the right role. At the end of the… Read More »

How to Attract Millennials to Your Company

Embrace this generation of young minds; they’ll soon make up more than half of the American workforce. It’s essential any good leader leverage advantages that competitors may not. Be prepared, because if you’re serious about bringing in millennial talent, it will take more than adjusting your job description. A review of your company’s hiring practices… Read More »

Why You Must Have Good Relationships With Co-Workers

In a typical week, you spend almost as much time with your co-workers as you do with friends and family members.  It’s wonderful if you like your co-workers, but its stressful if you have different personalities that don’t always mix well. While you don’t have to be friends with everyone at work, it’s beneficial for… Read More »

New Ways to Look for a Job When You’ve Tried Everything

Exasperated with aimless job searches and few responses from potential employers? Feel like you’ve done everything to get a position that suits your interests and abilities? Don’t despair, because you may be missing some viable options to hunt down your dream job. Time to think outside the box, with the help of some expert advice… Read More »

How to Be Memorable to a Recruiter

Many businesses use recruiting agencies in order to fill open permanent and temporary positions. This often means that in order to get the job you want, you need to learn how to work with a recruiter. Follow these tips to become memorable to a recruiter in order to land your dream job. Include Your Contact… Read More »

Are You Targeting Millennial Talent?

As the baby boomers retire, millennials are taking their place. Millennials currently comprise 27 percent of the adult population and two-thirds of the workforce. Millennials have revolutionized workplace culture and require different recruitment strategies. Are you using hiring practices specifically aimed at attracting top millennial talent? Calling for a Revolution Back in the 70s, baby… Read More »

What to Listen for When You Ask “Why Should We Hire You?”

As a hiring manager, one of the most important questions to ask is “Why should we hire you?” It allows you to find out what a candidate thinks they bring to the table and if the job seeker will fit into your organization. Here are some things to listen for as candidates answer this question.… Read More »