How to Attract Millennials to Your Company

Embrace this generation of young minds; they’ll soon make up more than half of the American workforce. It’s essential any good leader leverage advantages that competitors may not. Be prepared, because if you’re serious about bringing in millennial talent, it will take more than adjusting your job description. A review of your company’s hiring practices and day-to-day operations may indicate you need an overhaul to appeal to a new market. Here’s how to bring on fresh faces to add value to your company:

Aesthetics Matter

For many applicants, including millennials, companies must be appealing before they walk in the door. One of the best ways to attract talent is with an optimized, attention-grabbing website to entice qualified candidates. Be sure any important information is visible or easily accessible. The more difficult it is for a candidate to apply, the less likely they are to do so. To appeal to the younger generation, make your site mobile-friendly. Poor user interactions may drive millennials away, and you want your company to maximize every potential advantage. Work with a talented web developer or delegate to a company that can help you keep things clean, streamlined and impactful.

Better Perks

Improving the overall work environment for your people is a surefire way to bring in new talent. Millennials seek amenities just like Generation X and baby boomers, so consider how you can best serve your audience. Don’t assume you need a ping-pong table and beanbag chairs to attract younger recruits. Millennials are highly adaptable, tech-savvy adults who are willing to work hard to earn your positive feedback. Consider tangible perks as well as flexible benefits. For example, some colleges and universities advertise in their job postings that all staff work with high-end computers and offer access to the latest technologies. Don’t forget that making positive changes to your company culture will benefit workers of all ages. Talk to current and prospective employees to find out if they are interested in more flexible hours or alternative shifts, such as four ten-hour shifts as opposed to a traditional schedule. Millennials value work-life balance and may be interested in joining a company that offers any of the following:

  • Early arrival and departure shifts
  • Extended lunch breaks for meetings or professional development
  • On-site day care
  • Company shuttle/transportation subsidies
  • Attractive and competitive pay rates

If you can employ at least one of these tactics, you’ll stand out as a great organization to join.

Create a Media Blitz

Any crash course in Millennials 101 will tell you they connect through tweets, posts, likes and follows. To effectively entice millennials to join your company, you’ll need a surge on all social media fronts. Develop a strategy with your team to create coverage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and any other outlets that will help you find young talent. Creating marketing content to recruit millennials doesn’t have to be complicated: This generation loves consuming information. If you’re looking to emphasize professionalism, cultivate a blog series on how your company encourages professional development and career advancement. Trying to play it cool? Create a behind-the-scenes video or a “Day in The Life” vlog-style post.

Looking to Bring New Talent to Your Team?

You’ll have to work to bridge the generation gap in your workplace. Job Store Staffing has the resources you need to succeed. Contact us today if you’re ready to expand your team with the most qualified candidates in the area.

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