Stay Focused During Your Job Hunt

We’ve all been there: You read over pages and pages of job listings, seeking the right position. You finally select one that fits, create a cover letter and enter your information. And repeat. Hunting for jobs is time-consuming, tedious and can be downright exhausting. But to get the job you’re seeking, you need to rise above it and persevere. If you can stay focused and remain determined to succeed, you’ll surpass other applicants. Here are our top tips on how to narrow your search and excel when it comes to searching for the right job.

Act Fast

One of the most important rules of the job hunt is to move quickly. If the right job pops up in your newsfeed or email alerts, jump on it. Positions are often filled quickly, especially in today’s candidate market. If you see an opportunity, don’t wait. Craft that perfect cover letter immediately, because so many job seekers bookmark a posting to find it’s gone the next day. When a posting closes rapidly, you want to be the reason for it disappearing, not a victim of it.

Track Everything

You want to have quick access to every email, every application and every document that pertains to your job hunt. We recommend creating an excel spreadsheet with different columns so you can track your steps with each position. Keep track of the company, the date you applied, the position, and whether you are writing your cover letter, waiting for a follow-up or any outcomes. Even if you’re rejected from the position keep it on your list. In the professional world, you want to know what companies you’ve applied to for future possibilities.

Narrow Your Search

If you find yourself sifting through pages and pages of jobs that just aren’t right for you, adjust your process. You may need to explore other options. This may mean changing your expectations, or it could mean you’re using the wrong resources. Instead of the generic job searches available, work with more specialized services for your industry or your area. For example, if you’re seeking construction work in Aurora, CO; try utilizing a website featuring jobs in Aurora or a website that provides construction-only postings. If this isn’t a fast enough solution, work with a staffing agency like Job Store Staffing. We have the connections with industry professionals that can get you the job, fast.

Take a Break

The most overlooked tip we offer candidates is the most important one: You must take a break every once in awhile. More ambitious job seekers will be tempted to apply for dozens of jobs a day. But beware; burnout is very real. Without regular “time-outs” from the job search, you will feel overwhelmed and hopeless. Of course, you want to maximize your chances at landing a job by applying for every posting that is relevant to your experience. It’s been said that for every fifty jobs you apply to, you’ll receive a follow-up from ten and a firm offer from one. But applying for fifty positions in the span of one evening may make you feel like a robot, plugging your information into databases over and over. Set aside a specific chunk of time each day devoted to relaxation, creative work or other projects.

Need an Extra Boost to Find the Position You’ve Been Searching For?

It’s time to team up with a temporary staffing firm. A top agency like Job Store Staffing can help you work with the top companies and recruiters in your industry and help you make your dreams a reality. Contact us today to work with the professionals you need to get you the job you’ve been seeking.

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