Why You Should Apply for Jobs NOW

If you still are collecting unemployment benefits during the coronavirus pandemic, the time to begin finding a job is now. With the increased unemployment benefits likely gone, you may be struggling to pay your bills. By finding a job, you gain access to attractive benefits. You may want to work with a recruiter to find a temporary or temp-to-hire job in a field that interests you.

If you currently are collecting unemployment benefits, here are some reasons to be applying for jobs today.

Additional Unemployment Benefits Likely Are Expired

If unemployment benefits are your main source of income, the loss of the additional $300 per week likely will have an adverse effect on your budget. If you do not return to work, you may struggle to pay your bills.  By finding a job now, you should be in a better position to cover your housing, food, childcare, debt, and other payments.

Employers Are Offering More Attractive Benefits

The majority of companies are offering benefits to improve mental health, productivity, and retention. These may include increased support for mental health, child and senior care, flexible work hours, and remote or hybrid work models. Because work-life integration is necessary to attract and retain the best staff, more employers are offering benefits that help employees attain their personal and professional goals.

Consider a Temporary or Temp-to-Hire Role

If you cannot find work in your industry, a temporary or temp-to-hire position may be your best option. For instance, you can use your transferrable skills to earn money in a different field. This can help you pay your bills and set aside some savings. You also may gain access to benefits like health insurance, a retirement plan, paid vacation, and sick time. This lets you use medical services, save for the future, and take off work for important events. Additionally, you can add connections to your network. These coworkers, managers, and leaders may be able to find you permanent employment within the organization. Or, they could introduce you to a hiring manager or other professional who can help with your job search. At the very least, your new connections may serve as references during your search. Plus, you may find that you enjoy your new line of work and want to pursue internal opportunities. Being able to show that you fit with company culture, get along with team members, and can handle the workload can set you up for success.

Find a Job Today

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