Use Psychology to Motivate Employees

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Understanding employee motivation is one way to improve productivity. This is why a basic understanding of neuroscience can be helpful. The brain reacts differently when it receives incentives or is threatened with disincentives. You can use this knowledge to create reward programs that inspire your staff to perform their best.

Find out how you can use basic psychology to increase motivation among your team members.

Prioritize Rewards

The promise of a reward encourages action. In neuroscience, the brain recognizes rewards with a surge of dopamine from the midbrain to the motor cortex. The dopamine surge helps prioritize taking action to receive the reward rather than focus on other mental processes. This is why having a framework of recognition and rewards for jobs where more activity results in more success can encourage employee momentum. For instance, you may want to implement a friendly competition for a ticket for a raffle for a cash prize that encourages staff to change a work habit or adopt a new policy.

Clarify Expectations

Employees become demotivated when they perceive something they want to avoid. The brain sends a surge of dopamine down a path of receptors that represses action. This typically precedes the fight-or-flight response. The implied threat of uncertainty can increase feelings of stress and overwhelm, which can lead to burnout. To combat this, clarify your expectations for each employee. They need to know what they are responsible for when to complete tasks, and what their results should look like.

Empower Team Members

Encourage innovation among your staff members. For instance, ask for insight into improving efficiencies and processes. Also, hold your team accountable for making decisions. When they make mistakes, ask what they learned and how they can do better next time. Promoting trust and cohesion shows your employees their ideas and actions are valued and appreciated.

Focus on Performance Management

Prioritize real-time feedback for your team members. Let them know what they are doing well, where they can improve, and specific ways to do so. Also, hold weekly one-on-one meetings to recognize each staff member, talk about their progress, and provide guidance for even better results. Be sure to provide the necessary resources for enhanced achievements.

Improve Your Team’s Productivity

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