Job Search Mistakes You Might Be Making

Finding the right position when you’re unemployed takes a ton of hard work. Each day is filled with applications, resume edits, cover letters, and references. You can apply to dozens of jobs as you look for the right fit, but it may take a while to land the right role. At the end of the week without a job offer, you may be thinking: What am I doing wrong?
Often job hunters are too close to the problems to get a big picture understanding of their approach to the job search. We’re bringing you the job search mistakes we see most often here at Job Store Staffing to help you perfect your hunt for the right position. Read on to find out what you might be missing.

Being Too Humble

When you network with professionals or get a terrific interview opportunity, you must impress your audience. Self-deprecation has no place in the job search process. This is the time to talk yourself up, or you run the risk of missing out on the job. If you are introverted or have difficulty bragging, think about it through a different lens. If a friend or coworker described you, what would they say? List your accomplishments as if you were talking to someone else, and then practice speaking about them with confidence. Employers seek workers that can perform well and speak to their successes in the workplace.

Suffering from Stubbornness

One mistake we see often is a reluctance to do what it takes to take your job search to the next level. It can be easy to settle into old ways and hope that a job comes to you. However, this can be a major pitfall for job-seekers. Engage in new endeavors and embrace new technology, because these are the best ways to get you ahead of the competition. Seek out advice on how to get ahead, and take it to heart. When you actively listen to job search suggestions from professionals, you can develop a great relationship and hear things from a new perspective. Even if you feel like you’ve heard it all before, be flexible and open-minded to constructive criticism.


Another critical error is feeling embarrassed about being jobless. Now is the time to shelve your pride and turn to people you can trust. If you’re out of the workforce, don’t be afraid to tell others you’re on the job hunt, because friends and family may be able to offer you an opportunity you weren’t aware of. Give people a chance to help, because any professional in your network understands that the economy is always changing, and layoffs do happen to good employees. Take advantage of your network and resources, and don’t be afraid to reach out to your community. Talk to industry professionals, or work with a temporary staffing agency to get your foot in the door. When you’re searching for the right position, a staffing firm can provide insight on what companies are looking for, how to get hired, and what positions are available in your area.

Need Help With Your Job Search?

These common job search mistakes are avoidable, but can really set you back on your hunt. To get a leg up and beat out the competition, contact us here at Job Store Staffing today. As a top temporary staffing firm based in Colorado, we’ve got what it takes to help you find the right job and get an offer, fast.

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