Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting the Offer

Even in a candidate market, the job search can be tough. After meetings, interviews, and communicating back and forth, it can be incredibly frustrating when you don’t get the offer. If this isn’t the first time this has happened, this emerging pattern may make you wonder what you might be doing wrong. You may be great on paper, but how do you sell yourself to a hiring manager? Showing leadership that you’re the perfect person for the job can be tricky. To land the position you’ve been searching for, it’s essential to follow these tips to avoid mistakes that can cost you the job.

Ask Great Questions

Before you leave the interview, one of the best things you can do to ensure a job offer is to ask the right questions. Prepare some thoughtful and poignant questions that will impress your potential employer. Skip the standards and ask big picture questions that show you don’t just care about the paycheck. “Where do you see this organization in five years?” is a great question for a start-up or a decades-old business, because it exposes any sluggish progress and shows you’re interested in the long haul.

Review References

If you’ve ever been shocked by a job rejection, you may be suffering from a misstep in the review process: your professional references. When you ask someone to speak on your behalf, you need to be certain that they can provide a glowing recommendation. Before you provide references, follow up with those individuals to ask if they’ll be able to speak positively about your accomplishments. Also, avoid any rookie mistakes: references should never include family members, acquaintances, or colleagues from too long ago. Always keep it professional, and if you’re not certain where you stand? Find new references.

Send a Proper Thank You

One surefire way to lose the offer is to make post-interview mistakes. The first thing you should do when you leave your prospective new company is to plan the thank you. Use your judgment and your experience to determine what method is right. Modern etiquette often lends itself to an email, but often a handwritten note is appropriate. This thank you needs to be prompt – within one day – and personalized. Interviews with a panel or multiple people will require individual notes for each member. Mention something special that came up in your interview so they remember you.

Follow Up Promptly

A strong follow-up is essential to keeping a recruiter’s attention. Wait no more than three weeks after your interview, unless it’s not appropriate for the job’s timeframe. Be confident and polite. Ask for an update on the timeframe, or if they need any additional follow-up materials to keep you in consideration. The job may be all you can think about, but it’s likely that this hiring manager has a lot on their plate.

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