Unique Ways to Find New Talent

Hiring the right people to join your team can be tricky, especially in a candidate market. Hundreds of applications, dozens of interviews, and multiple offers may not always work out for your company. The entire process can be exhausting, and you’ve got work to do. Are you tired of hearing from the same unqualified applicants, or struggling to find the right fit? Check out these methods to bring in fresh, professional talent that can become long-term assets to your staff.

Utilize Your Network

The first way to recruit the talent you seek is to tap into your professional network. Start by talking to friends and colleagues to see if they know anyone in the market for the job you need to fill. Trust those closest to you to provide support in the form of insight, resources, and potential hires. Additionally, one of the most innovative ways to find new candidates is to reach out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media can be your best friend when it comes to extending your access to qualified professionals.  Send out a quick tweet to your followers detailing the kind of professional you’re looking for, rather than a job description. This new approach will put a twist on conventional hiring shout-outs and may attract the kind of people you’re looking for.

Make an Offer

Create incentives for your current employees to refer new staff members: cash bonuses for new hires, or rewards of some kind. One way to bring in quality talent is to talk with your staff. Existing connections within your workplace may be a great place to start. Employees know what the job takes and will want to bring efficient people to help them cover the workload. This may be a technique you’ve heard before, but there’s good reason: it’s effective.

Look for Talent Everywhere

Don’t limit yourself to waiting around for job board results. A proactive leader knows that in every industry, quality workers shine through. When you’re at conferences or meetings, keep an eye out for talented professionals with great soft skills. Even if an employee isn’t looking for a job right now, take their information in case it pays off in the future. Identify candidates that have skills transferable to your industry. For example, if you’re looking for a customer service professional, look for a seasoned hospitality worker that could make a terrific team member.

Extend Your Reach

Innovative methods of attracting talent aren’t all about the latest technology and harvesting your network. Sometimes you have to go back to basics. You may be overlooking the simplest method to quickly employ quality talent: working with a staffing agency. The benefits are enormous. You can skip the paperwork and get back to your responsibilities while obtaining vetted staff members ready to begin immediately.

Looking for more methods to strengthen your team?

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