How to Re-Motivate Your Team

Whether it’s a summer slump or an overworked staff, a leader can always tell when the team needs a boost. Even if you have top talent, it can be easy for employees to feel tired or uninspired. Are you feeling let down by a staff that can’t keep up? Worried that the deadline is going to slip by or that the work simply won’t get done? Often the solution may be right in front of you. Workflow problems are often a direct reflection of the communication among team members or problems with workforce morale that need a remedy. Here are our top ways to re-motivate your team to get back on track.

Make Time for Play

If your team is experiencing an abundance of stress, frustration, or miscommunications, you may notice that less work will be accomplished. Red flags include longer breaks and extended time at the water cooler. Your first instinct may not be to let employees slack off; but the truth is, this may already be the case. Pencil in a happy hour or team-building event. These days you can schedule anything from laser-tag to bar crawls for a relaxing evening with your staff. If you’re not sure what your employees will enjoy, start small. Consider something physical to get your people moving or something competitive to encourage camaraderie.

Offer Opportunities

Make professional development a priority to keep your team productive and loyal. Provide industry-relevant content from journals or magazines around the workspace. Subsidize networking events so your team members can make connections or even recruit new potential employees. Provide time-off for your leaders-in-training to attend workshops that focus on building hard and soft skills. Setting your team up for success will allow you to find future superstars to promote. Plus, staff members can get excited about new ways to work effectively.

Set Clear Goals and Avoid Micromanagement

Often employees complain about the struggle to succeed and feel appreciated in the workplace. A thankless job will always be a short-term one. The best way to retain staff and keep them motivated is to make your expectations clear. Set reasonable guidelines for each project or process, and always encourage open lines of communications. You can’t solve a problem if you don’t know that it exists. Also, consider how you delegate responsibility. Perhaps you’ve got one person doing a two-person job, or you’re not using your team’s strengths to everyone’s advantage.

Need Help Remotivating Your Team?

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