Keeping Your Team on Track in The Summer

No leader wants to ruin the fun of a promising Colorado summer. When the winter winds finally subside, it’s time for water sports on Bear Lake, hiking Pikes Peak or just chatting on the patio at the best local breweries. Employees are tempted to cut out before four or leave the rest until Monday. Whether your company sees a surge in demand in the summers or a decrease in projects, there will always be work to do. Help your team manage their time and work effectively by keeping the staff on track this summer with the following tips:

Provide Amenities

Employees want to be comfortable. Place an emphasis on keeping your people happy in the summer with air conditioning or fans. In older buildings, central air may not be a priority, but a good leader knows that every advantage you can give your people is worth the investment. A potential hire could be turned off by a sweltering office, even if you insist they can crack the window in their office. Air conditioning is a plus, if not standard; even in Colorado. Keep the workspace at an agreeable temperature so staff members aren’t leaving in a hurry before the day is done. If you’re looking to add some fun, consider filling the company fridge and freezer with summer snacks like lemonade and iced coffee, or ice cream treats to energize your people through the afternoon.

Plan for Your Team’s Time Off

Many professionals know from experience: You do not want to be caught in the summer with an empty office because of poor planning. Your team deserves a break, so work with them to find a comfortable time for them to recharge. Manage vacation time for all staff members, especially within a tight-knit company where teamwork is integral. Train multiple staff for essential projects to avoid a total standstill when the project manager plans for a week at the beach. Don’t assume you’ll be able to ask questions while they’re gone. More and more professionals are making their vacations totally unplugged.
If logistics are still a problem, considering instituting a “no requests off” chunk of time like many schools and universities implement. If you know you’ll need all hands-on deck at the end of August, make it clear months in advance that no vacation time can be issued during that time. Try a large monthly calendar from May to September where approved time off is visible for all employees so they can plan accordingly. A large visible solution can also be helpful for project productivity. Consider plastering sticky notes on the wall to track what components of a project are required, with a deadline and a note on what tasks have been delegated to which individuals.

Schedule Fun

Productivity is vital to the day-to-day operations of your organization. However, if you don’t give your employees an outlet to blow off steam, they’ll create one. Create opportunities to socialize or get out of the office. This gives employees something to look forward to after their work is complete. Planning team-building activities and events require an understanding of your staff. Work democratically to give your people the fun they are looking for. A friendly “sales vs. customer service” ballgame is a great fit for a startup with an athletic group, but a construction staff may prefer a low-key happy hour at the local pub. Ask your team how they like to unwind and mingle, rather than implementing something your employees might not enjoy. Getting out of the office will promote high morale, prevent burnout and help cultivate a cohesive team spirit among your staff

Looking to Make the Most Out of Your Team This Summer?

When summer hits, it’s a great time to engage in team building and professional development. As an office leader, you want to access all available resources to maximize the efficiency of your team. If you’re looking to hire seasonal staff or expand your team, contact us today.

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