How to Answer the Worst Job Interview Question

Job seekers have enough troubles – creating an enticing cover letter, updating and tweaking the resume, filling out application after application. When a candidate finally gets the call for an interview, it’s exciting! However, it’s crucial to be prepared. “What’s your greatest weakness?” is always the most-dreaded interview question and we’ll help you answer it below.

Prepare for the Question

If you’ve never experienced a job interview where the manager asked “What’s your greatest weakness?” you’ll want to make sure you have an answer ready. Think about the challenges you’ve faced in your professional obligations, and how you’ve handled them. If you have to get out a pen and paper to make a list or scribble down some thoughts, do it! More awareness of your flaws can help you be as prepared as possible.

The Interviewer Perspective

Know that your interviewer will ask this, and had probably asked it hundreds of times. Lots of interviewees come up with canned responses or outright false answers to try to make it through an interview. It’s important for you to be the one to cut through the noise and demonstrate your potential as a great worker. Craft your answer with the interviewer’s follow-up in mind. Respond with a true weakness you face, but note the steps you have taken to resolve this shortcoming.

Avoid Red Flags

This popular interview question carries some baggage, so make sure you answer appropriately. If you crack a joke, share a strength instead, or dodge the question completely, you could be in trouble. Trying to avoid responding for whatever reason will look suspicious. Giving a direct, confident response ensures the hiring manager won’t be skeptical of your fit for the position.

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