Are You Making the Wrong Impression in Your Interview?

When you are developing your professional chops and working toward getting your foot in the door, you want to seize your opportunity. It’s perfectly natural to be nervous, but it’s essential to keep your cool and show you’re the best possible candidate. Not Knowing Your Stuff No matter what position you may be interviewing for,… Read More »

The Glass is Half Full: What to Take Away From a Bad Interview

Sometimes it happens – you leave the interview feeling foolish, frustrated, defeated. You just blew your interview. Beating yourself up about a misstep or a poor performance won’t help you succeed in the future. As disheartening as it may be sometimes, keep your focused on your future and center yourself. Here is some advice for job seekers… Read More »

Create a Perfect Introduction to Maximize Your First Impression

You need to create a good first impression to have a successful job interview. From the moment you step through the door to the final handshake, every gesture you make and every question you answer will be analyzed. Use body language and a well-prepared elevator speech to create a perfect introduction in order to maximize… Read More »

Chronic Job Hopper? Spin it to Your Advantage at Your Next Interview

If you have had multiple positions within the last five years, hiring managers will consider you a job hopper. Often, this can be seen as a negative characteristic that can lead to companies passing you over for candidates who have more stable resumes. There is a way to turn this potential negative into a positive… Read More »

Are You Overqualified But Want the Job? Here’s How to Get It

Sometimes you see the perfect job for you, but you feel you may be overqualified for the position. Perhaps it is because it is for a company you have always wanted to work with or you are looking to change career paths. Being overqualified can often be as disconcerting as being underqualified, since employers may… Read More »

Are Companies Checking Your Facebook Profile?

When you interview for a position, you understand that hiring managers will be contacting your references and calling past employees. What you may not realize, however, is that companies may also review your social media profiles. If companies are checking your Facebook profile, will they determine you are a good fit for their organization? Social… Read More »

5 Tips on How to Dress for an Interview

Appearance matters in life. This concept is especially true when it comes to job interviews. Interviewers can make a decision not to hire you in as little as the first 10 seconds of their conversation with you. If you follow these five tips, you can ensure that the manager’s impression of you is a positive… Read More »