When you are developing your professional chops and working toward getting your foot in the door, you want to seize your opportunity. It’s perfectly natural to be nervous, but it’s essential to keep your cool and show you’re the best possible candidate.

Not Knowing Your Stuff

No matter what position you may be interviewing for, you want to have a basic understanding of the company you’re interested in joining. Know the key players, the background of the organization, and how they play a part in the local community. Finding out some inside knowledge or fun facts will help you break away from the pack. The hiring manager will be more than impressed to learn you care about the company and you’re interested in a long-term commitment.

Disrespecting Past Colleagues

This is a huge red flag to a potential employer. It can be easy to discredit previous employers and talk up your potential new workplace at the expense of your existing one, but this may indicate to the hiring manager you are flaky or likely to incite gossip in the workplace. Your future boss could be concerned that you’re not a team player or you can’t collaborate effectively. Stay positive! Avoid sinking your chances by emphasizing how excited you are about the new opportunity, rather than bashing past bosses.

Admit Your Faults

It may be easy to say your biggest weakness is that you’re a perfectionist or a workaholic to look good to the interviewer, but be realistic. The best candidates are honest, and the best companies don’t expect perfection. Don’t be ashamed to admit a mistake, and discuss how you’ve grown and learned from it. Employers want to see a worker ready for a challenge.

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