Hiring manufacturing staff can feel like scraping the barrel, or finding a needle in a haystack. As a professional, you understand the importance of hiring the right people who can keep things efficient and safe for your manufacturing needs. Take a look at these insights to help you sift through your paperwork, soon your perfect candidate will leap off the page!

Productivity Improvement

Using terms like order fulfillment, process automation and product development or output shows the candidate understands the importance of the product. They work to maximize their efficiency when fulfilling orders for customers, and they care about how safely and quickly the product leaves the warehouse. This shows a safe and efficient workflow, and it shows a worker who cares about company loyalty and customer concerns.


Terminology like “logistics management” and “workflow optimization” shows they have a higher level of understanding. This applicant knows the ins and outs of the manufacturing industry and how to keep things moving in a company. This job seeker most likely focuses on the details of how to process orders and get product out in a streamlined manner.

Control and Compliance

When you see the words, inventory control, labor efficiency or regulatory compliance, think potential leadership. A manufacturing resume that uses these keywords is not only going to be an asset on the floor. This candidate knows how to handle and track inventory, and also how to manage people and safety guidelines. This is a big-picture individual, who looks at the company through a manager’s eyes by monitoring product, minimizing wasted labor hours and abiding by necessary safety regulations. This could be a vital player who brings out the best in your team.

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