If you have had multiple positions within the last five years, hiring managers will consider you a job hopper. Often, this can be seen as a negative characteristic that can lead to companies passing you over for candidates who have more stable resumes. There is a way to turn this potential negative into a positive in your next interview.

It’s All in the Details

The first step in spinning job hopping to your advantage is to not hide the fact or gloss over it when speaking with a hiring manager. The main aspect to focus on isn’t that you had several positions over the years; it is why you changed jobs. There are legitimate reasons for job hopping and each one has the ability to prove to a potential employer why your career moves will benefit them.

Learning New Skills

In order to improve in your chosen profession you have to be able to learn new skills. Sometimes a new position will become available within an organization or with a competitor that will help you learn an essential job skill. If you can show a hiring manager how each new position improved your ability to become a better employee, they may realize that your job hopping will help you be more productive.


When you first start out in a new career, you have a lot to learn. Sometimes when you land your first job, you realize that the position will only take you so far on your path to success. When you have outgrown your current position, you need to find a new opportunity that will challenge you and help you hone your job skills. Companies like employees who seek a challenge and will see you as a potential star for their company.

Industry Changes

Sometimes fluctuations occur within an industry that changes the skills required for a specific position or eliminates a position. Changes in the auto industry eliminated the need for line workers, improvements in technology have changed the way secretaries perform their duties, and changes in the field of medicine have altered the education requirements for nurses.

If you saw how changes in your field were going to affect your chosen career path, you may have started looking for ways to gain different skills to fulfill new obligations. This kind of proactive approach to your career will show potential employers you are serious about your career and reduce the time they will need to commit to training you for the new position.

The ability to spin potentially negative aspects of your career into positives takes some creative thinking and problem-solving skills. If you are a chronic job hopper or have other areas of your resume you feel are contributing to your lack of success in finding a new position, contact us. The professionals at Job Store can review your resume and skills in order to help you turn negatives into positives for your next interview.

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